"Funneh" worm (Funner variant)

This virus is characterized by sending out links similar to the following:

The actual link points to webpages like the following:

This appears to be a variant of a previous worm. At this time I believe the worm only infects systems running Windows 2000, XP or 2003. It should be removed by the current version of AIMFix.

Files and symptoms:

To manually remove the worm you can remove any of the above services/executables if found. As always, you should follow any removal with a thorough Spyware cleaning to remove any malware installed by the worm

If you encounter a variant of this virus unable to be removed by AIMFix, contact me with the requested details and I will be glad to update AIMFix for you.

LEGAL STUFF: I am not affiliated with the makers of this virus in any way, nor am I affiliated with any anti-virus company. I merely provide this as a service for those who have been infected. I take no responsibility for any damage done by the virus or by those incorrectly following these removal steps, or those using my removal tools.

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