Jay's Wish List

NOTE: people are forever asking me for gift ideas so here there are. While I appreciate the thought and I like getting gifts as much as anyone, please don't feel obligated. I'm just as happy with a card, an email, a phone call, or even better, dinner or a cup of coffee with friends & family!

Wish List Items

REI Gift Card
There's always something I like at REI, so you can't go wrong with a gift card there!

StewMac Gift Certificates
In feeding my budding interest in luthiery, gift certificates in any amount to StewMac or LMI (see below) are always appreciated!

LMI Gift Certificates
As with StewMac, LMI (Luthiers Mercantile International) is sure to become a new money pit for me ;)

Amazon.com Gift Cards
Between books, music electronics and random assorted gear I shudder to think how much money I spend through amazon these days. Gift cards to amazon always welcome, in any amount.

Amazon Wishlist
I've now moved the rest of my items to my Amazon Wishlist so it's all in one place.