Here you will find original software I have written. At the moment it is pretty slim pickings since I am not really much of a programmer and I've learned C++ basically by writing AIMFix


The ultimate (well, ok, and the only) in AIM virus removal tools. It removes all known AIM viruses, including many that are not even listed on this site. Try it before contacting me for help with an AIM virus!
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Last update: Mon May 23 17:16:51 2005


A removal tool based on the AIMFix virus removal function libraries to remove Block-Checker files and registry keys.
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Last update: Thu Aug 25 22:03:01 2005


A removal tool based on the AIMFix virus removal function libraries to remove the Aurora spyware and pop-up ad junk software. AIMFix removes Aurora as well, but this is a specific tool aimed solely at Aurora
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Last update: Mon Aug 22 11:56:07 2005


My attempt at a Temp file deletion tool for Windows (XP or 2000 only). It also resets the Internet Explorer Settings automatically to erase temp files on exit. Not perfect, but a lot faster than the alternatives available, and pretty thorough.
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Last update: Tue May 16 12:08:25 2006


This simply restores the Windows hosts file to the default Windows settings. (The hosts file maps certain specific domain names like "" to an internet address, and can be used by viruses or spyware to hijack your internet connection).
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"Service" Clone (Linux):

Python script that mimics the entire functionality of the RedHat specific "service" command. (i.e. "service http start" to start Apache). The only addition is a "-l" and "--list" option to list all available services.
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Firefox Launch (Linux):

Python script, checks for running Firefox instances and if one is running, opens url (passed as argument) in a new tab. If no running process, opens new instance to url. Called with no arguments, launches new instance.
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If you have questions or suggestions (helpful ones only please) regarding these programs, please contact me and I will be happy to answer questions or help out if I can!

*DISCLAIMER*: These programs are provided at no charge, with no warranty, whether implied, imaginary, or otherwise. Should you use these programs, you use them at your own risk. I am not legally accountable in any way, shape, or form. By downloading them you are agreeing to remove certain files, which may or may not be related to ad-supported spyware/adware software. Your results may vary.