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Please make sure you have the current version of AIMFix from Mon Mar 22 10:06:50 2010

CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS! Many times attackers steal account details so they can continue to spam even after the system has been cleaned. Be sure to change passwords to your email and IM accounts!

If that does not resolve the problem you are having, you MUST send me a HijackThis log (just copy and paste into the window below) or I have no possible way to help you. Follow the instructions so that I can update AIMFix to help you! Please include a detailed description of the problem and any links that are being sent to your buddies or placed in your profile. I need the actual links, not just descriptions of them, since I may need to actually download the infecting files.

If you are running Windows ME or Windows 98, you must run AIMFix_98 or you will receive an error about a missing PSAPI.DLL

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