pytraverse is a Python library providing a wrapper for the Zyrion Traverse socket-based BVE "Flex" API. The socket-based API can be accessed manually via a telnet session, or using Perl modules bundled with Traverse. Being a Python fan, I created this Python wrapper that mimics the Perl module functionality (though hopefully it's a little bit more Pythonic).

Installation is via the standard distutils script, so a simple install will install the pytraverse libraries. A test suite is included as well (test/ Coverage isn't comprehensive, so I'd like to extend the test suite at some point. Documentation is pretty much nonexistent right now, but there are full docstrings on the relevant classes and methods. Ideally I can add a quick-start guide and more complete documentation in the future. In the meantime feel free to contact me with any questions.

pytraverse 0.1.2 download:

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