About Jay

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I am currently working for Network General Corporation, where I am a backline support engineer and all-around expert on the NetVigil product. NetVigil was acquired along with my previous employer, Fidelia Technology, a startup software company in the field of network monitoring with NetVigil/Helix. Our software runs all over the world monitoring mostly large-scale networks, even including the setup for Sony Online.

Prior to starting work with Fidelia Technology in June of 2005, I was on a semester abroad in London (England, not Ohio) working with the Linux consulting company Turtle Networks. This was one of the best experiences of my life and I learned an awful lot about many things. If you ever have the chance to live or work abroad, I highly recommend it, even if only for the appreciation you will gain for your own country and the things you will learn about others.

Future plans include founding a national non-profit organization called Digital Outreach Foundation to help close the "digital divide". The Foundation's goal is to give education and technology access to anyone who is willing to work for it. Such plans sort of depend on large financial resources, but who knows what the future will bring :)

For those who wonder why I created AIMFix or the virus help pages, the answer is simple. I don't like viruses, and I happened to be in a position back in November of 2003 where I could help out a few people. Those few turned into a few million, and two years later I am still at it. I believe in using the abilities or talents you are given to help others when possible. So it is that two years down the line, I continue to keep AIMFix updated, in the hope that some people find it useful and it in some way discourages the spread of viruses.