Blastemp is simply a temp file deletion tool for Windows 2000 and XP It does its best to remove the entire temporary directories, meaning the Temporary Internet Files folder and the C:\Windows\Temp Directory, and all of their contents. The reason for creating yet another temp file remover were two fold. First, temp files are a frequent source of problems on Windows and I wanted something fast and simple that would just delete them without any frills. Second, I wanted something faster than what was available, something that would have almost no chance of freezing up on you on a roughed up machine.

BlasTemp accomplishes these two things fairly well, but I am not quite satisfied with its current status. The difficulty is that Windows does all manner of bizarre things with temporary files, not allowing access to them even from base-level C++ programming. This simply means that BlasTemp will often fail on deleting a handful of files from the temporary directories. I have yet to find any way to surmount this obstacle.

BlasTemp also sets Internet Explorer to empty temporary files on exit, to help keep temp file accumulation down in the future.

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