Aurora Fix

UPDATE 2014-06-17: please note this page is for historical purposes only and references old software that is no longer relevant. This software is NOT recommended for any version of Windows newer than Windows 2003.

UPDATE: I am currently unsure whether this works or not..I've heard from several people that had problems using AuroraFix. I am working on finding out if there's some files or settings that AuroraFix isn't removing. In the meantime, I suggest you try out - they have a free scan that removes Aurora for you, provided you reboot your computer following the scan. I haven't tested this myself since I don't have a test machine, but I have seen a few posts by people that say it worked for them.

Aurora Fix was created to remove the "Aurora" spyware pest and pop-up ad software/spyware. It terminates the running processes, removes the files associated with Aurora, and cleans registry keys created by it as well.

If you have the Aurora spyware and AuroraFix does not work for you, let me know. I will update it for you as best I can, but I will need a HijackThis log to be able to help you. Once you get the HijackThis log, then contact me and send me a copy of the log and I will see what I can do.

I ran across Aurora through its relation to AIM viruses. I deal pretty extensively with AIM viruses through AIMFix. When I noticed that this appeared to be a major pest that lots of people had trouble with, I decided to put together what I had and create a removal tool aimed specifically at people with Aurora. Again, AIMFix also removes this pest, but AuroraFix is more specific.

If you are concerned with the authenticity or safety of downloading AuroraFix, I refer you to the "100% free" award AIMFix has garnered twice from Softpedia download archive, which certifies it free of all malware (viruses, trojans, and spyware). You can also search Google for my name or for AIMFix (or AIMFix) and you will find the millions of people who have been helped by AIMFix, as well as the dozens of Universities that officially support and recommend it.

Aurora Fix download:

File last updated on Mon Aug 22 11:56:07 2005

On June 21, 2005 I was contacted by an AIMFix user who had been infected with Aurora. I did some research, and it turned out that what I thought was part of the AIM virus(es) was actually Aurora. I found a file called "nailfix.cmd" that was credited to Swandog46, RACooper, and miekiemoes from SpywareInfo.Com. Basically, I took what was in this simple batch file, and re-implemented it in C++ using the virus removal functions I am developing for AIMFix.

This was in a way a test of my virusFunc libraries to see how well they could be implemented in a new removal tool that's not related to AIM viruses. It appears to have gone relatively smoothly thus far, I am pleased to report. I would like to thank the original authors of nailfix.cmd for their work and make absolutely sure that they get credit for documenting (at least in code) what needs to be cleaned for Aurora to be removed.

*DISCLAIMER*: These programs are provided at no charge, with no warranty, whether implied, imaginary, or otherwise. Should you use these programs, you use them at your own risk. I am not legally accountable in any way, shape, or form. By downloading them you are agreeing to remove certain files, which may or may not be related to ad-supported spyware/adware software. Your results may vary.

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