Jay’s Journal - FIXED: Mouse Lag on Thinkpad R31 with Ubuntu

FIXED: Mouse Lag on Thinkpad R31 with Ubuntu

Random technical note, but it was hard enough to find that I felt it worth posting to in the journal for other googlers to stumble across and hopefully save some time. A friend of mine has a relatively new Lenovo Thinkpad R61 and was having severe mouse lag under Ubuntu (actually, Kubuntu) Gutsy Gibbon with kernel 2.6.22-14. It took both of us some serious googling before I finally ran across a mailing list post discussing a similar problem with some Thinkpad R31 and other model laptops. According to the post I found, the problem is caused by a conflict within a multi-plexing controller, and it can be resolved by passing the “i8042.nomux=1″ option on the kernel line in grub’s menu.1st. Hopefully that saves a little time for someone else out there.