MyWebSearch Removal

The latest AIM "virus" on the web has turned out not to be a virus. It crosses the fine line into the realm of adware. As such, it is not removed by AIMFix due to the complicated nature of the program, BUT Ad-Aware SE and Spybot Search and Destroy can remove the program. You can get instructions and download links to both of these removal programs at

Please note that AIMFix does not remove this because of its spyware nature, but AIMFix will end the main process to prevent IM intereference until you can use Ad-Aware to remove it fully.

The symptoms of the spyware are as follows:

  1. MyWebSearch toolbar in Internet Explorer
  2. Extra toolbar in AOL Instant Messenger
  3. Links inserted into away messages with the following text:
    "Want to see your buddy's cool new IM icon? Go to @[fwpscript]Version:|Icon:none@[/fwpscript]"
  4. Want to see your buddy's cool new IM icon? Go to

Again, to remove this pest, simply follow the illustrated instructions for using Ad-Aware and Spybot to clean your computer.