HijackThis Instructions

To use HijackThis:
a) Download HijackThis from http://jayloden.com/HijackThis.exe
b) Run HijackThis, and click the button labeled "Run a Scan and Save a Log"
c) When Notepad opens with all the log information, copy and paste everything from the log into an email/forum or wherever you are requested to send the information.

Where to go from here? Some spyware/adware won't be removed by Spybot and AdAware. However, that doesn't mean you're without options. I recommend at that point that you seek help from a spyware forum, such as Subratam.org where they have numerous experts at removing spyware on hand to help you personally clean your system. Post a fresh HijackThis log on the forum and they should be able to get you on your way.

When posting for help in a forum, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Ask politely - don't order people around or make demands. These are volunteers here to help you, so treat them with respect
  2. Follow directions exactly. If they tell you to do something a certain way, chances are good that they are asking for a reason. Follow any instructions as accurately as possible, and don't skip steps. If you don't understand something, then ask for clarification, but don't skip it.
  3. Provide accurate, useful information. While you may not know an awful lot about computers, you can at least provide the exact text of error messages, accurate descriptions of the symptoms, or filenames that are detected as being infected. Even just writing down or copying an pasting an error message can make the difference between getting and not getting help.

Part One: Ad-Aware

Part Two: Spybot