BEFORE you contact Jay...

  1. Do you have the most recent AIMFix? I update this tool often, sometimes more than three times a day. Don't assume the one you downloaded a few hours ago is the newest! The most recent AIMFix is from: Mon Mar 22 10:06:50 2010
  2. Have you tried the instructions to boot into Safe Mode and running the removal tool? I know it's not fun, but it may be all you need to do to get around the virus
  3. Feel free to ask questions, but be SURE you have read my site, and used the search box to make sure that your question is not answered on this site. The less time I spend repeating myself, the more time I have to keep AIMFix up to date and help as many people as possible
  4. PLEASE don't send me email just saying "help please ok thanks!". If you don't send me a log file from HijackThis or other useful information, it's very unlikely I can help you, and I'll have to reply to ask you to send it to me anyway. To send a HijackThis Log:
    a) Download HijackThis from
    b) Run HijackThis, and click the button labeled "Run a Scan and Save a Log"
    c) When Notepad opens with all the log information, copy and paste everything from the log into an email and send it to me
  5. In addition to a HijackThis log, AIMFix.log from your Desktop will also help me troubleshoot and understand what the problem is.