1. ScreenName: Hey you can see who's blocking you on AIM! Download it now

UPDATE: I have created a module for AIMFix to remove Block-Checker. If you are infected with Block-Checker, you should be able to download the current version of AIMFix to remove it. Please note that if you are running Windows 98 or ME, you will not be able to run AIMFix, and you will need to use the previous version of BlockRemove instead.

UPDATE: I received four or five emails about this program, so I decided to write a separate removal tool that automates the steps in the instructions from block-checker's website. If you would like to remove Block-Checker, please download BlockRemove to your Desktop, boot into Safe Mode, and then run BlockRemove and it should automatically erase files and entries associated with the program.

I originally posted that I wasn't sure if this was a virus/spyware/trojan/worm or what. Well, thanks to one of my readers who took the time to email me, I now know that it includes an adware downloader that runs itself if you try to uninstall Block-Checker. Combine that with the worm-like spread of Block-Checker, and it's pretty clear it falls under the category of a trojan-style worm. You can get more information about the Adware downloader from McAfee at

I will be doing my best to update BlockRemove shortly to remove all the components listed on the McAfee assessment so that it is more complete.

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LEGAL STUFF: I am not affiliated with the makers of this virus in any way, nor am I affiliated with any anti-virus company. I merely provide this as a service for those who have been infected. I take no responsibility for any damage done by the virus or by those incorrectly following these removal steps, or those using my removal tools.

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