Ugleague Virus Removal

There is a new AIM profile virus, with the text

"new profile -"

and various other links and messages, which comes up in an away message repeatedly and is inserted into active conversations or put into your buddy profile.

The removal tool is available HERE and should remove the virus. If it does not, please try the instructions below.

To manually remove the virus:

1) First, try the REMOVAL TOOL

2)If the above removal tool fails, download DS Software's Taskill utility (click save, not Open, and save to your Desktop) and open it to see a list of running programs.

3) Search for "winampa", "xlroue", "A0L.exe (with a zero for the O)", "iexpl0re", "svehost.exe", "bvjlxjs", "gxmryzf", or "aocyvou". If you find any of these processes, select them and then choose Kill. This will close down the virus file from running.

4) Now you will need to search through the hard drive for the files listed above. The files will be hidden, and will require you to enable viewing of hidden files and folders.

To do this, click on the Tools menu in Explorer, then click Folder Options, and go to the View tab. (if you are on 98 this will be in the View menu) Now check the box next to "show hidden files and folders" and uncheck the "Hide protected operating system files" box. Now choose "apply to all folders" and click apply.

The files are usually located in C:\Windows\System or C:\Windows\System32, though it varies on computer to computer.

5) It is also recommended that you try running AIMFix in "Safe Mode". Click here for instructions on booting into Safe Mode.

7) Finally, if there is a link in your profile, remove it. You may wish to restart your computer to ensure that the virus stays gone.

IMPORTANT: If you are seeing many other effects like excessive pop-ups, "adult links" and extra toolbars in your Internet Explorer, the virus has also installed other programs called spyware and adware. To remove them download and run Spybot AND Ad-Aware then update and run a full system scan with each. For help using these programs, click Here

LEGAL STUFF: I am not affiliated with the makers of this virus in any way, nor am I affiliated with any anti-virus company. I merely provide this as a service for those who have been infected. I take no responsibility for any damage done by the virus or by those incorrectly following these removal steps, or those using my removal tools.

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