"Camera" AIM Virus Removal

The following messages are part of an AIM virus that has been spreading slowly for several months. The virus sends the following messages to the people you are chatting with, with a link to the virus so that when they click it they are infected as well.

"Check this cam im gettin from bestbuypiC"
"Yo!! Im gettin this camara! piC"

If you see this, do NOT click the link, and if you believe you are infected, you will need to follow the removal steps and use the removal tool I have created.


Warning: Read the ENTIRE removal instructions, BEFORE you try the removal tool.

1.) you will need to first download the removal tool, which is provided HERE.

Please do NOT select "open" when you click the link, but save it to your hard drive, preferably to your desktop so that you can find it later. DO NOT run the tool until you have read all the steps.

The virus works by creating a proxy on top of your AIM connection. In plain English, that means that the virus makes AIM connect through it instead of directly to the Instant Messenger service. So, in order for you to use AIM after you remove the virus with the removal tool, you will need to fix the proxy settings.

2.) Run the removal tool - please read the next step first! Running the removal tool will kick you off AIM. Do not attempt to sign back onto AIM until you complete the removal.

3.) Removing the proxy settings:

This will have to be done after you run the removal tool, however, once you run the removal tool, it will boot you off of AIM, so you will have to fix this before you can use AIM again. First, bring up the sign on dialog, which you should already be familiar with:

this should be a picture

You will need to click the "Setup" icon, the little wrench. That will bring you to the following screen:

this should be a picture

Now simply click "Connection" on the bottom right where you see my mouse cursor in the image, to bring you here:

this should be a picture

The image you see above is what a normal, healthy AIM setting should look like. Make sure that yours looks like the above, by unchecking the "Connect Using proxy". You may also find it helpful to press the "Reset" button as well. Then simply click ok and exit the setup, and you can try siging onto AIM again. That's it!

You may also want to consider downloading Spybot and Ad-Aware (yes, both) then updating and running a full system scan with each. For instructions on using them, please see HERE.

I am deeply indebted to the information found at skywolf.net for aiding in writing the removal, and to RSAISP for the kind use of their source code.

LEGAL STUFF: We are not affiliated with the makers of this virus in any way, nor are we affiliated with any anti-virus company. We merely provide this as a service for those who have been infected. We take no responsibility for any damage done by the virus or by those incorrectly following these removal steps, or those using our removal tools.

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